Bring on the sniffles and the coughs – at Sick, we're not afraid of a few germs. 
In fact, raising awareness of childhood illnesses is what we're all about.
The fabrics lining our bags have a lighthearted feel, but we take fighting diseases seriously.  

We donate a portion of each sale to leading children's hospitals committed to preventing and finding cures for pediatric ailments.  We also believe that funds should stay local. So if a bag is bought in New York, the donation goes to a hospital in New York. It's that simple.  


Behind it all is Silvie Altschuler, an award-winning jewelry designer who shifted the focus of her creativity after her two sons were born. Not content to lug around a standard issue diaper bag or plunk a designer tote in the sandbox, Silvie dreamed up a sturdy yet sophisticated carryall that any mother – any woman, actually – can proudly stash her belongings in. For Sick's debut collection, she tapped illustrator Peter M. Clark to translate the symptoms of streptoccocus, E. coli, and coxsackie into whimsical doodles.